Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Practices and Games?

The majority of league action takes place on our primary field space, Kona Ice Fields, 10242 OH-550 Vincent OH. U12 and U15 age groups often participate on other fields in the Mid Ohio Valley area.

What Equipment Does My Child Need?
  • Soccer Ball (U4-U8 Size 3, U10 & U12 Size 4, U15 Size 5)
  • Water Bottle
  • Soccer-safe Shoes
    • tennis-shoes are okay for dry conditions and younger ages
    • cleats must be soccer-specific: Baseball and Football cleats are unsafe and not allowed
  • Shin guards covered by socks

Other Considerations:

  • Goalkeepers must wear a different color shirt (or pinnie) than the field players
  • It is recommended that Goalkeepers wear quality gloves in U12 and U15
  • No jewelry permitted: earrings, rings, bracelets, watches, etc
  • Jackets must be worn under team jerseys

When are Practices and Games?

Practices: Starting one or two weeks before first games
Coaches set their own practice schedules in coordination with other coaches and with their Age Coordinators. Most coaches practice once or twice per week during a weekday evening. Some practices will take place on Wednesday evenings. If your player is unavailable during specific weekdays, you’re welcome to add their schedule restrictions in the “comments” section of the player registration form, but coaches are not required to accommodate schedule requests.

Games are generally on Saturday mornings and early afternoons. Older age groups (U15 often, U12 occasionally) will be expected to play some games on Sunday afternoons. For more specifics, see Age Groups.

How are Teams Rosters Selected?

OVSL’s Board of Directors assigns an Age Coordinator to each age group. These Age Coordinators assign players to rosters with the goal of creating parity among teams in the age groups. OVSL makes an effort to keep rosters together between Fall and Spring seasons, but rosters are intentionally shuffled each Fall.

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